DARKEST HORIZON new Single 13.08.2019

to listen to our new single
This song was produced by Nico Keller (Red Door Studios). The recording we did, for the first time, on our very own (except vocals)! We are proud as hell and hope you like our new baby.

Our new playthrough 10.09.2019

We did a playthrough from our Song "The Lunar Effect".

Directed and Produced by Manuel Börner / Absolutely Framed

What a Year!21.06.2019

Kinder, wie die Zeit vergeht. Vor genau einem Jahr hatte ich mein Debüt-Konzert mit DARKEST HORIZON. Damals bin ich sehr spontan als Vertretung für unseren lieben Aurelius, beim ROCKFELS FESTIVAL, eingestiegen. Seitdem hat sich eine Menge getan, was ich so nie erwartet hätte. Der Sommer ging direkt mit Vollgas los, als wir die Möglichkeit bekamen WINTERSUN bei ihrer Tour durch Deutschland zu begleiten. Weiter ging es mit dem Release des neuesten Albums AENIGMATA, in welches die Jungs über 3 Jahre Herzblut reingesteckt hatten. Dies wurde gefolgt von unserer aller ersten Show in Rumänien auf dem METAL GATES FESTIVAL. Im Winter und Frühling haben wir dann erstmal viel Zeit mit Songwriting und Recording verbracht. Mein erstes Jahr wurde passend zu Ende gebracht. Wir bekamen noch einmal die Gelegenheit WINTERSUN zu begleiten, diesmal jedoch bei ihnen zu Hause in Finnland. Das zweite Jahr beginnt, ähnlich zum ersten, mit zwei Festival Shows. Wir sehen uns auf dem MAHLSTROM OPEN AIR und auf dem CHAOSTRAUM OPEN AIR!

Oh boy, how time flies. On this day, exactly one year ago, I played my debut show with DARKEST HORIZON. Back then I stood in for our dear Aurelius at the ROCKFELS FESTIVAL. Since then, a lot what I wouldn’t have expected has happened. The Summer began at full speed, when we got the chance to support WINTERSUN during their Germany Tour. With no intention to stop, the newest album AENIGMATA, which the guys produced with a lot of passion and heart, got released. All of this followed by our very first show in Romania at the METAL GATES FESTIVAL. During the winter and spring, we spent a lot of time with songwriting and recording. My first year ended adequately. We had again the chance to support WINTERSUN, but this time in their home country Finland. The second year will begin like the first, but this time with two festival shows. So, see you guys at the MAHLSTROM OPEN AIR and the CHAOSTRAUM OPEN AIR!


Metal Gates Festival / Bucharest16.11.2018

Bucharest. Beautiful city.

As I have heard, never been there before. But now we have been. And sweet holy mother of god! Not only that Bucharest, at least the parts we were able to visit, is a greater citiy than I was told, the metal scene here is unbelieveable! Our show at Metal Gates Festival 2018 was the very first one we ever played in Romania and you guys (and girls) nailed it! A sold-out festival! A killer show! Absolutely amazing people and an astonishing audience! Though I was a bit concerned for we had to fly with our minimal gear it turned out to be a show which can only be descripted as „over the top“. Alongside with so many great and cool bands we got an impression of this wild and dynamic scene. No matter the differences between genres or bands everybody tried to have a great time and it worked out. After the show we even got homemade, delicious food... how can cevapcici, sausages and pickled vegetables taste that good? Sweat, beer, even blood was spilled and some did not see their hotel until the next morning to straight check out. We even had the honour to meet a fan who came straight from Moscow for our show! Such an honour! If anyone (especially a metalhead) asks me ever again about Bucharest I can just tell them: Go there! Enjoy! Meet the people and have a fucking great time! I know one thing: We will be back as soon as possible! Thank you, Bucharest!


Wintersun By Request Shows 03.11.2018 - 05.11.2018

On the road with Wintersun part II.

First stop:

Amersfoort, Netherlands. Though we have never played in the Netherlands before it feels like coming home. Not only the reunion with Wintersun travel party is pure fun and it doesn't take a second and you hear laughter all around but also the locals make you feel welcome and join our bullshit conversations straight away. Sometimes when you play with a band on two split up short tours the first and the second impression of eacht other changes dramatically. But not here. We went on from where we started around two months ago and the relationship between the two bands becomes more intense.Familiar. And this is a general feeling we bring to the stage. The sold-out venue is filled with metalheads and the show is a killer. Sweated and happy we leave the stage and I am so glad to have played my first show in one of my favourite countries.

Next stop:

Bochum. The last night is still hanging over some of us (me included) like a black cloud. Alcohol, a very dynamic group and the Netherlands... bad combination. But the Matrix, our todays venue, makes us all coming back to life. Delicious, homemade food and a very good mooded headliner bring you straight back to the right mood. And as we enter the stage and feel the vibe of pure energy coming from all those metalheads in the crowd I feel alive again. More than alive... may I say „ecstatic“? That seems kinda fitting...

Last stop:

Aschaffenburg. Closer to our hometown than before. And similar to this lots more of known faces tonight. This evening becomes very special to us by the familiar feeling. Many fans in the growd have seen and met us before and it is like a home-coming to have a lot of chats with each and everyone of them. The show itself is pure orgasm, a mixture of professionality, fun and the feeling of this being our last date with Wintersun for this time. When Asim (guitarist of Wintersun) enters the stage during our song or throws a melon on the stage I nearly pissed myself of laughter. In return Olli and Enis joined Wintersun during their set and altogether this night turns into a freakin' party. Even our former singer Aurelius joins us for a special split with Enis during „Ad Astra“. What better way to end a short tour, a show, an era? I am glad and thankful for these past days and even while falling asleep in my very own bed I am looking forward to the next time we will hit the road. Thanks to our brothers from Winterun, to the whole team, the locals and of course every single metalhead in the crowd. If it wasn't for you we couldn't do and experience all of this. I am very grateful for that and with this thought in my mind I close my eyes and relieve the past days.


Darkest Horizon new MUSICVIDEO 03.10.2018

Check out our new Musicvideo!

We shoot the video with our partner Absolutely Framed.

I want to watch it!


NEW Darkest Horizon Album preorder! 19.09.2018

New album coming! Pre-order starts now!

Metalladies and gentleheads,

we proudly present you our new album AENIGMATA!

After spending over four years working on our second long-player we are looking forward to unleash it!

The day of days will be the

5th of october 2018.

For those of you who cannot await this rebirth of german epicness we start our pre-order today! Click on this link to pre-order your copy of AENIGMATA or our special ALBUM + Limited ALBUMSHIRT DEAL today!


Spread the word!

With epic regards

Darkest Horizon


A big thank you from Aurelius 18.09.2018

Hey Folks!

Aurelius here. This time with a personal message.
After almost 10 years of rocking with Darkest Horizon I will retire from the frontman position and play a more quiet role in the background. Running a successful band requires a substantial amount of time and dedication. In terms of personal capacity this is something I unfortunately won’t be able to do in the long run. Science and Software Engineering have become big parts of my life. Since I consider Darkest Horizon to be the best band in the world, it is for the best to make some changes.

That’s why we use the new album AENIGMATA as a big paradigm shift in the band’s history. It is also probably the final album with my voice on it. The live and promotion shows will be done by an awesome new singer and a friend of mine. I will continue to support the band in creative work processes. I will be the webmaster for our homepage and other accounts, media editor and of course a fan.

Some of my personal highlights with the band:

  • Simply being bloody inexperienced and searching for our first band members back in 2008
  • Creating and recording The Grand Continuum and Aenigmata
  • Partying with the great and supportive guys: Olli, Daniel, Jonas, Christian, Philipp and Vincent
  • Our foreign festival shows in Sri Lanka and Slovenia
  • Reaching the German finals in Wacken Metal Battle 2017
  • Countless interviews and magazine articles
  • The Germany tour (w/ Cradle of Filth, Ne Obliviscaris)
  • The ongoing cooperation with the lovely designers of Absolutely Framed
  • Shooting 2 music videos
  • Our fantastic fanbase

I hope you guys support this decision.

Yours truly,

Impression from Munich 24.08.2018

Munich. Back again. Back in germany and back in this town. We have been here with Cradle of Filth in 2015 and now we returned supporting the almighty Wintersun. Coming back to the Backstage Munich is like coming home. You feel welcome, you feel the vibe of this town and you are looking forward to enter the stage and rock the capitol of Bavaria again. It was our second date with Wintersun and what began as a "getting known" turned into a "becoming friends". I did not know these guys before but I am very glad that I got the chance to meet them. We had so much fun inbetween both bands and the whole team that we all brought this energy to the stage. No pretending, no whining, no feigning. Just pure metal and the drive to let yourself off the leash. We let ourselves off the leash. We felt the power. We felt your energy, Munich! Thank you, we hope to come back as soon as possible!

-- Thoughts of a bassist --


Impression from Vienna 23.08.2018

Vienna. City of Mozart and the most delicious tart "Sachertorte". City of artists and bohemians. And now as a further title the first austrian city to welcome Darkest Horizon. I am still stunned by the energy and warmth that received us. It is always a special feeling and a memorable moment to enter the stage in a new town for the first time and I do not know how this unique evening could have been topped. For all of you who have been there: You guys rocked the shit out of us! Thank you so much! And for all of you who hadn't had the possibility to join us: Get to Vienna, go to a concert and get to know the energy of this city. You will know what I mean.

-- Thoughts of a bassist --

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Save the date with DARKEST HORIZON and WINTERSUN!

23.08.18 - Wintersun by Request Show - Szene - Wien - Österreich
24.08.18 - Wintersun by Request Show - Backstage - München - Deutschland
03.11.18 - Wintersun by Request Show - Fluor - Amersfoort - Niederlande
04.11.18 - Wintersun by Request Show - Matrix - Bochum - Deutschland
05.11.18 - Wintersun by Request Show - Colos Saal - Aschaffenburg - DE


ENGL Endorsement17.09.2017

Daniel is now endorsed by the mighty ENGL amps!!!


Mealstrom Festival Sri Lanka05.11.2016

We played our first Asian Festival in Sri Lanka.


Merry Christmas!

Our special christmas gift for you is a brand new TRAILER for our upcoming MUSIC VIDEO.
Share and enjoy!



As some of you already know from our big Darkest Anniversary earlier this month, DARKEST HORIZON will continue as a 5-headed group with an epic SESSION DRUMMER DUO. Don't worry! Our great Philipp is of course part of this duo. He joins forces with the talented new drummer Vincent, who has already proven himself on our Cradle Of Filth Tour and on the Darkest Anniversary. For us it was important that Philipp also has enough time for his personal projects. And even more important, that the sound and spirit of DARKEST HORIZON stays on the highest level. We will stay heavy and maybe even bring some new epic ideas to our songs. Cheers!



The Germany Tour with Cradle Of Filth starts tomorrow!
See you on the following dates:

24.10. - Köln / Essigfabrik
26.10. - München / Backstage
30.10. - Hannover / Capitol
31.10. - Nürnberg / Hirsch
02.11. - Saarbrücken / Garage
14.11. - Berlin / C-Club
15.11. - Hamburg / Markthalle

MUSIC VIDEO 10.09.2015

Filming and production of our first music video will start very soon!

We have a team of talented experts backing us up. Absolutely Framed and Sporsaudio will be in charge of the camera crew and high end equipment. Our mission: To capture the epicness of one of the tracks on The Grand Continuum. Find out more and watch the interview! You may become part of the project.



We are continuing to spread Epic Melodic Death Metal across the world!

In Heidelberg we shared the stage with MOONSPELL and SEPTICFLESH on their Road To Extinction tour.

Both bands were extraordinarily kind to us and to their fans. Keeping a good spirit with your fellow followers and with other bands is the way to success. That's why we are always happy to stay in contact with each and everyone of you.
Aurelius was able to exchange the famous stage gloves with Seth from Septicflesh and will wear them on Darkest Horizon gigs from now on. ;-)



The resonance to the headlining shows in Zwickau and Bremen this November was amazing!
We celebrated 'The Grand Continuum' with the audience in up to 90-minute long sets.

Belgium and Greece are also celebrating the album:
"This debut album, ‘The Grand Continuum’, is the best I've heard this year. Everything is included: emotion, aggression, melodies, power, grunts, screams, blast beats, tech, prog and delicious drums. This is such a great album because all the elements referred to are forged into one great, narrative experience."
(Lords Of Metal, November 2014, Verdict: 94/100)

"This is, so far, the best Epic Metal album I heard ever."
(Metal Temple, November 2014, Verdict: Masterpiece)

Check out the links to the reviews in the References section.