Darkest Horizon is NEWCOMER OF THE MONTH in Germany's popular print magazine Orkus!
(Orkus! September '14 issue)

Our new album has also earned excellent scores in worldwide magazines like Metal Hangar Bulgaria, Rock Hard Greece, Bleeding4Metal, Metalinside, etc.



Thank you for celebrating a great release party with us! We had lots of fun and drinks :)

If you missed it you still have a chance to see us live and get a copy for yourself on 19th July at Sunstorm Festival

Or order it in the Shop for an original copy.
You can also purchase it on iTunes, Amazon MP3, etc for a digital copy.

Tell us what you think about the album!


The release of "The Grand Continuum" is at our doorstep!

We are totally blown away by the final product. It's majestic, powerful and 100% Darkest Horizon. Goosebumps are guaranteed. All the hard work and countless hours we invested will hopefully pay off.

Our release party will be at 11th July in Frankfurt/Main Sachsenhausen (Speak Easy). The release concert will be at 18th July in Essen (Turock). Media and Press are invited and welcome.

In other news: We have new endorsers. Darkest Horizon is now also using excellent Equipment by Washburn Guitars.

See you soon!


2013 was a very energetic and successful year.

Our second EP "Scattered Worlds", which you can purchase for only 5 Euro in the shop or via iTunes/AmazonMP3/etc. - was released in spring and got us good slots for the big festival season once more.

Some of the biggest ones that we performed at last year were METALDAYS SLOVENIA and EISENWAHN FESTIVAL. We also headlined our very first 3-day OPEN AIR FESTIVAL at the LET THE BAD TIMES ROLL.

We were invited to several radio stations to talk about our music and our plans.

Hopefully we came a step closer to our goal to revolutionize epicness in extreme metal.


Welcome to our all new Website! We hope you like it!

If you don't know us, head over to the Music & Video section under Media and listen to our music right now.

To bring you the very best of Epic Melodic Death Metal, we are collaborating with a lot of awesome folks this year.

Our full-length album "The Grand Continuum" is currently being planned and pre-recorded. The release date is set to 12th July 2014. We're not revealing the entire concept but what we can say is this:

The new material's definitely gonna blow you away and will be a little revolution for the genre. Our stage performance has evolved to underline the dramatic, epic and extraterrestrial concept of our new album.

The new artwork, photography as well as this homepage are designed by the talents of Absolutely Framed.

The merch shop is now up and running and ready for your orders. There are new products like Darkest Horizon Lighters as well. Check 'em out.


The Band


Darkest Horizon

Darkest Horizon will immerse you into a massive, timeless, dark and yet beautiful universe. The music, especially from the 2014 album "The Grand Continuum", is not easy to describe or categorize. It is more than just the sound. It is the feeling and atmosphere that draws the listener into many dangerous and unforgiving realms. That's why every song is unique and incomparable, while the very roots can be found in the most epic of melodic death metal.

"The Grand Continuum" is a concept album which captures this massive scale. A journey from the microcosm to the macrocosm and in between dimensions. A timescale in which humanity plays a rather insignificant role. The concept behind the costume design and artwork is to create an image that fits into the past and the future. An image that is not affiliated with terrestrial concerns but rather with the unforgiving and dangerous conditions of the universe, which take a heavy toll on all life.

The Press

"The songs on The Grand Continuum are melodic, dark and instant masterpieces. There's something for everyone: Calm tunes, powerful tracks and epic anthems."
(Orkus Magazine, August 2014)

"Germany doesn’t have a lot of great Melodic Death Metal bands. But out of nowhere comes Darkest Horizon. The Grand Continuum is atmospheric and groovy. Melodic Death Metal with an epic character."
(Rock Hard Magazine, July 2014)

"If the rebirth of the Universe had a soundtrack, it would definitely be The Grand Continuum. The nine opportunities to fall in love with Darkest Horizon's music are unique in their own special way. Original, fatefully striking, memorable and for sure different from everything ever made, the album deserves its place among the 2014 favourites."
(Metal Hangar, July 2014)

"Melodic Death Metal that you‘re going to enjoy from the first to the last note. Those who love music somewhere between Children Of Bodom and Ensiferum, should listen to Darkest Horizon. It’s worth your while!"
(Metal Hammer Magazine, December 2011)


Since the band’s foundation in 2010, Darkest Horizon was positively received from various magazines, webzines and radio stations with their highly acclaimed CDs "Shattered Skies" (2011) and "Scattered Worlds" (2013). The band has been voted Best Live Act multiple times by jury and fans, proving their skill at international festivals like the Metalfest Open Airs Germany or Metaldays Open Airs Slovenia and winning several band contests, including the Eisenwahn Festival Competition.

Darkest Horizon drew the attention of several music, merch, media and beverage sponsors including Cubeaudio (In Flames, Guano Apes), Absolutely Framed, Bembel With Care and GUDE. Own technicians (FoH / Instrument techs / Stage setters) are invaluable assets to the live experience.

Over the past years the band shared the stage and befriended many internationally known acts like Dark Tranquillity, Ensiferum, SepticFlesh, Alestorm, Fleshgod Apocalypse and many more.

All six members, Aurelius Lie (Vocals), Oliver Sattler (Guitars), Daniel Baum (Guitars), Christian Mühlbauer (Keyboards), Jonas Heinzel (Bass) and Philipp Hammelmann (Drums) have experience in headlining festivals with sets of up to 120 minutes and are always close and true to their fans.


Aurelius Lie (25) – Vocals

Aurelius Lie – Vocals
Musical expertise / Other instruments :

Studio and Live experience in several bands for a long time.


Shure SM 58


Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth), Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, etc.)

Favorite artists:

Opeth, Amorphis, Behemoth, Dark Tranquillity, Septicflesh, Haggard, Wintersun, Muse, Woodkid, Daft Punk, Nobuo Uematsu, Jeremy Soule, Beethoven, Mozart

Favorite Songs:

Blackwater Park (Opeth), The Smoke (Amorphis), Sons Of Skyrim (Jeremy Soule)

Biggest dream:

Absolute Enlightenment

Best time with the band up to now:

Metalfest 2012. First time for Darkest Horizon to be backstage with all our personal heroes from all over the world.


Daniel Baum (25) – Guitar

Daniel Baum – Guitar
Musical expertise / Other instruments :

Guitar for about 12 years. 2 years vocal training. And a little bit of everything.


Washburn (endorsed) / Gibson Explorer / Washburn X40 pro, 4x12er Marshall Vintage Box


Zakk Wylde, Michael Amott, Teemu Mäntysaari, Angus Young

Favorite artists:

Ensiferum, Amorphis, Wintersun, Kalmah, Gernotshagen, Black Messiah and many more

Favorite Songs:

Unfortunately i can't pick favorite songs, since I'd feel like dishonoring others.

Biggest dream:

Make money with music

Best time with the band up to now:

Slovenia and one night in Göttingen


Oliver Sattler (23) – Guitar

Oliver Sattler – Guitar
Musical expertise / Other instruments :

My musical training began pretty early. At the age of 5 or 6 I started learning several Instruments like Piano, Violin, Flute, Clarinet, Drums and Accoustic Guitar. 2004, at the age of 14, I found my destiny with the electric guitar. I focus on this instrument ever since.


Washburn (endorsed) / Jackson Soloist 2 TB / Jackson Soloist 2 TBK / Jackson RR / Peavey Amps (6505+/ 5150 Mark II) / Marshall Cabinets / Line6 Relay G30


Emppu Vuorinen from Nightwish. I decided to buy my first electric guitar because of him. I had many idols in my childhood but most important to me were: Jari Mäenpää and Teemu Mäntysaari from Wintersun, Devin Townsend, Jason Becker and Jeff Loomis.

Favorite artists:

There are lot but here are my Top 5:
1. Wintersun, 2. Stam1na, 3. Nevermore, 4. Strapping Young Lad/ Devin Townsend Project, 5. DevilDriver

Favorite Songs:

They change constantly. That's why I'm gonna name some in my recent playlist:
DevilDriver - Waiting for November, Wintersun - Starchild, Nevermore - Born, Before The Dawn - Phoenix Rising, Keep of Kalessin- Te Divine Land, In Slumber - Lunar Scars, The Agonist - Panophobia, Samael - Luxferre, Pain - Let Me Out

Biggest dream:

Touring and having a good time with the guys.

Best time with the band up to now:

Every rehearsal, studio session, photo shoot, festival and tour with the guys. I could fill out an entire page from our experiences but I hope there's even more in store for us.


Christian Mühlbauer (24) – Keyboards

Christian Mühlbauer – Keyboards
Musical expertise / Other instruments :

Keyboarder in several bands since 2008


Korg Kronos 61 (soon)


Favorite artists:

Anaal Nathrakh, Sabaton, Threshold

Favorite Songs:

When The Lion Devours Both Dragon And Child (Anaal Nathrakh), The Art Of War (Sabaton), Ashes (Threshold)

Best time with the band up to now:

Metalfest 2012 and Metaldays 2013


Jonas Heinzel (24) – Bass

Jonas Heinzel – Bass
Musical expertise / Other instruments :

Guitar - 15 years (7 ½ years spent on classical guitar); singing lessons (classical) - 1 ½ years; focused on playing the bass since I joined the band in 2010


Washburn Taurus T24 (endorsed) / Warwick RockBass Corvette / Jackson JS2 Concert Electric Bass Guitar / Line6 Relay G30 / Tech 21 SansAmp Bass-Driver DI


Sami Hinkka (ENSIFERUM); Marco Hietala (NIGHTWISH, TAROT); Tomasz „Orion“ Wróblewski (BEHEMOTH)

Favorite artists:


Favorite Songs:


Biggest dream:

My biggest dream is to spend all my time and energy to create something new, louder and heavier than everything we have done before.

Best time with the band up to now:

From the moment we enter the bus until the day we leave again, almost every moment with my mates is fun. Of course there are moments you're going crazy, but in the end this is what you do this whole stuff for: Having a great time with your friends united with doing music.


Philipp Hammelmann (22) – Drums

Philipp Hammelmann – Drums
Musical expertise / Other instruments :

I began to play drums at the age of 4. In this period, I’ve played in many bands and projects, all about jazz, bigband, orchestra, pop, dubstep and metal. At the age of 11 to 17, I’ve played the oboe.


DrumKit: It is a Pearl ELX kit (10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 22”) and an 8” tom of the BRX series
Cymbals: Most of my cymbals are from Zildjian, but I have also some stuff from Sabian, Paiste and Armoni
Hardware: Everything about cymbalsstand is from Pearl. Additional I play the Axis A-772 longboard-doublepedal.
Headphones: I play the Compact Stage 3 inear monitoring headphones


Ken Bedene, Kevin Foley, George Kollias, Francesco Paoli, Tony Royster Jr., Ray Luzier, Dave McGraw and many more

Favorite artists:

Benighted, Aborted, Cattle Decapitation, Dying Fetus, Disawoved, Despised Icon, Whitechapel, Behemoth, Nile, Ensiferum, Wintersun, Daft Punk, KIZ

Favorite songs:

There are too many songs, that I like.

Biggest dream:

The point, when I realize, that music is my full-time job. Once I know I earn money by spending time playing with the band and in some other projects.

Best time with the band up to now:

Metalfest 2012 and Metaldays 2013. But also casual rehearsals - those days are glorious too.



The Grand Continuum
5Singularity Omega6:40
6Evolution's Downfall7:34
7The Hourglass5:03
Under Licence From Darkest Horizon GbR

Scattered Worlds Standard Edition
2Illusion & Infinity3:31
4Evolutions End7:39
Under Licence From Darkest Horizon GbR

Shattered Skies
2A Sacrifice Divine4:07
3Ruins & Reveries4:35
Under Licence From Darkest Horizon GbR





All Photos from Darkest Horizon at Facebook.
Click here to see them .




Check the Lyrics from Darkest Horizon. More Lyrics coming soon.

A Universe Reborn (Exclusive Preview), Skybreaker, Illusion & Infinity, The Final Hours, Evolutions End, Singularity


A Universe Reborn

Words by Aurelius Lie

Oh something has changed
Anomalies unknown
The structure of the void is reshaped
A universe reborn
All purity of night has been stained
The alpha hour brings life into distant worlds

A fraction of a second is all that it takes
To turn the darkest night into day
Monotonous blackness pushed aside
Erased once and for all
Coordinated particles swarm through space
Never to return again

Amorphous creation is taking place
Antimatter conquering the unknown
The laws of science broken and bent
Merging future and past
A simple mind cannot comprehend
For only chaos remains

Locked away
In the center of
The universe

So it has begun
With endless tales forged in the stars
And the void forced to stand down
As the rays of million suns came undone

From the fiery heart
Masses are emerging
Entropy increasing to infinity
A miracle unwitnessed
An army of suns
Marching to eternity

Lies the key
To the mysteries
Locked away
In the center of
The universe



Words by Aurelius Lie

From your sins
Break the sky

The time will come when words have died
Weeping has been in vain
When love is written in lies
And feelings growing weaker every day

ëCause history is filled with deceit
Nothing left to lose
Within your woe illusions arose
You have gone astray

Until today
Itís not too late
To stop the tears running down your face

Like an angel from darkness into light
Like a blackbird high above the shattered sky
From the eerie ground
Far beyond the stars
At last we will now be redeemed

Lost in the depths of your labyrinth
Distant frozen hearts
Emotions lost in the wind
An empty shell is what you have become

Your shelters have been burned to the ground
No place left to hide
Once on top, now vagabond
Searching for your home

Until today
When you turned away
From the sorrow of forsaken fates

Rise Like an angel from darkness into light
Like a blackbird high above the shattered sky
Far beyond the moonlight
Far beyond the stars
Beyond the dark horizon
In everlasting contempt we depart


Illusion & Infinity

Words by Aurelius Lie

I hear the sound of dead cries unbound in my dreams
I say goodbye to the silver sky and the sun

And the blackest eclipse stole the light
Whereís my guide when my eyes turn blind
Perished are the colors of the mountains and trees
Everything is merging into grey

Seconds of ravage
Ages of pain
Everythingís fading away

When the saddest nocturneís bringing anguish
Losing myself in dirges so calm
Residing in the coldness of deserted dreams
Illusions of another life beyond

Life torn to blackness
Aeons are gone
Illusions of a dying man alone

My wishes wonít come true
Is someone out there to answer my call?
The wishes of a failure
Perdition is my home

Hear the sound of dead cries unbound in my dreams
Say goodbye to the silver sky and the sun

But a distant light engulfs me
The nighttime will break
Come take my hand now
And lead me away

The distant light is fading
Dissolving to grey
Infinite blackness
Forced me to stay


The Final Hours

Words by Aurelius Lie & Christian Mühlbauer

The moon is rising
Time is standing still
When nihilistic views
Are breaking my will

Are breaking my will

Beyond mortality
Salvation I may find
My thoughts rise to the stars
Nothing left to leave behind

So I close my eyes
Soon I will depart
And I take one last breath
With the last beat of my dying heart

And the world is burning down
All my love brought to the ground
Stealing the life out of my soul
As the shade tries to take all my hope

One last tear drops from my eye
In these hours that fly by
Carry this burden on my own
I shall bear this fate alone

The sun is dying
Lingering at distant shores
The winds caress my skin
Telling me to let it all go

To let it all go

Where only silence lasts
Solitude consumes my mind
A gentle choir sounds
Amidst this lonely night

I look at the crimson sky
Where the birds fly free
I watch as the clouds float by
And gaze into eternity

Out of my lungs leaks one last cry
In these corners I wonít hide
Take my spirit, take my soul
But my pride is mine alone

I donít fear you anymore
This is the day I am reborn
Cast my demons to the sea
Set me free


Evolutions End

Words by Aurelius Lie

So powerful
The instance we breathe to live again

The order died
So new ways can rise
The moment we canít recall our past

This frozen hell
Bids us farewell
Weíre bound to a force we canít

The world is not what we believed

With every loss the pain subsides
Into the past - we belong
As fortuneís touch became so cold
We turn to stone

This is the dawn
To give up our reign
This is our fall
Revolution! Evolution's End

The smell of death
Lies in the air
Forever cursed in natureís spell

In a dead man's lunacy we dwell

Riots lay waste over towns
Sweeping the seas and the skies
Monuments reduced to rubble and ash
And requiems are sung for the dead
Sing for me
Cry for me
Pray for me
Die for me

Wars/Chaos might reign
Brothers may die
Hope might cease
Others may come
And we strive for justice
And we strive for peace
But in the end
We wonít Prevail

The End will come for us
So tenacious
If you lose your trust
Donít be anxious

When there is no choice
Hush your inner voice
Youíll be born again
Evolution's End



Words by Aurelius Lie

All the constants are defined
Elliptic arcs have been shaped
This is the point of no return
We saw the fabric of the stars

Following the void to the ends of time and space
Perspectives shifted thousandfold
There are no choices left to make
For we are only grains in endless shores
Elements fall prey to the bitterness of time
A cosmic catastrophe draws near it draws near
The quasar glow invisible henceforth
Our limit inevitably reached

Even if all the centuries fade away
Even if all the worlds become one in shadows and dust
We remain the same

As we turn into one
One We become

Scattered worlds are longing for unity once more
Their solitary paths won't find an end
When blind submission gains control
And countless roads are leading them astray
Powerless we drift into the eye of the storm
The spiral's endless thirst cannot be quenched
When novas will illuminate the night
History repeats itself again

Face your fears
No regret No empathy
Give in to gravity
No pain No Agony

And this never ending path becomes clear
Even though we tremble in fear we will not walk away from fate
We crossed the line this time in darkness we unite
We fell from grace this time a phantom sacrifice

All ceased all burned
All gone all is one


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The Grand Continuum
5Singularity Omega6:40
6Evolution's Downfall7:34
7The Hourglass5:03
Under Licence From Darkest Horizon GbR
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Scattered Worlds Special Edition
2Illusion & Infinity3:31
3The Final Hours5:29
4Evolutions End7:39
7A Sacrifice Divine4:07
8Ruins & Reveries4:35
9Ad Astra3:38
10From Beyond4:59
Special Edition
Under Licence From Darkest Horizon GbR
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Scattered Worlds Standard Edition
2Illusion & Infinity3:31
3The Final Hours5:29
4Evolutions End7:39
Under Licence From Darkest Horizon GbR
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Shattered Skies
2A Sacrifice Divine4:07
3Ruins & Reveries4:35
4Ad Astra3:38
5From Beyond4:59
Under Licence From Darkest Horizon GbR
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The Grand Continuum Front Print. "Even If All The Centuries Fade Away, Even If All The Worlds Become One" Back Print.

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The Grand Continuum Front Print. "Even If All The Centuries Fade Away, Even If All The Worlds Become One" Back Print.

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16.05.14METAL ABENDMühlheim am Main (JUZ)
20.12.13ALTE METALWACHEBad Nauheim
30.11.13DARKEST ANNIVERSARY '13Rodgau (Openstage)
29.11.13METAL BATTLERüsselsheim (Das Rind)
02.11.13NOISE'N'BURG FESTIVALNeu-Isenburg
26.07.13EISENWAHN OPEN AIRObersinn
06.07.13EISENWAHN CONTEST #2Mittelsinn (Kulturbahnhof)
14.06.13EISENWAHN CONTEST #1Darmstadt (Steinbruch)
04.05.13ROCK AUF DER BURG OPEN AIRKönigstein
28.04.13METAL NIGHTFrankfurt (Spritzehaus)
17.11.12DARKEST ANNIVERSARY '12Rodgau (Openstage)
16.11.12TENSIDE TOURRüsselsheim (Das Rind)
25.10.12NACHTBLUT TOURFrankfurt (Nachtleben)
22.09.12ISLA FESTIVALNeu-Isenburg (Hugenottenhalle)
21.09.12METAL NIGHTFrankfurt (Das Bett)
03.09.12ROCK AM BANNTURMHeusenstamm (Bannturm)
15.06.12METAL NIGHTDarmstadt (Goldene Krone)
01.06.12METAL NIGHTNeu-Isenburg (Juca)
27.01.12METAL NIGHTDarmstadt (Goldene Krone)
22.10.11DARKEST ANNIVERSARY '11Rodgau (Openstage)

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